Livres en VO

  • Anglais Declaration Rejacket

    Gemma Malley

    Sixteen-year-old Anna should not have been born. It is the year 2140 and people can live for ever. No one wants another mouth to feed, so she lives in a Surplus Hall, where unwanted children go to learn valuable lessons least she wasn't put down at birth. One day, a new inmate arrives. Anna's life is thrown into chaos. He says things about her parents and the Outside that couldn't possibly be true ...Or could they? Thrilling, passionate and beautifully written, this dystopian novel is perfect for fans of The Hunger Games

  • Anglais The Resistance

    Gemma Malley

    Chilling, powerful sequel to Gemma Malley's acclaimed debut, The Declaration

  • Anglais The Declaration

    Gemma Malley

    Powerful futuristic drama about a world in which human life has a transformed value, and ageing has long since lost its finality. Charismatic characters, action-driven plot and sublime writing combine to make this an unputdownable novel for teens.